What is your definition of a terrorist?… And what do they have to do to deserve execution?

First, I will say that the administration’s “maddeningly vague official definition of *cricket* AKA “guilty until proven innocent if we feel like getting around to it” is incredibly dangerous… The label of ‘Terrorist Suspect‘ aka ‘Militant‘ encompasses anyone and everyone in their vicinity anywhere at any time… Whether the majority of Americans  know it yet or not, THAT is terrorism…

That said, my definition of a terrorist is a person who attacks civilians through the deliberate use of violence or perceived violence in the hope of attaining political or religious goals that would
otherwise be non negotiable…

For example, if say a president were to order the sadistic torture of an innocent person’s children in order to get them to confess to 9/11 so as to receive a political blank check from the unsuspecting masses that he would otherwise not receive… Hypothetically, I would consider that person a terrorist worthy of public execution….

But, that’s just me… More importantly, what do other Americans have to say about this most important of questions?