Codex Alimentarius & The Global Food Tyranny

Danny Panzella

“If this Directive is not stopped, there will be only one medical world: the pharmaceutical world. When this Codex project began in 2001, some 180 million protest letters reached their office, but Codex doesn’t give up on protecting us.” -Helke Ferrie

Do you recall seeing the following headlines splashed across newspapers? “Man Dies Of Vitamin C Overdose” “Scores Of Youth Lost To Vitamin Overdose Each Year”

No, of course you haven’t, but that won’t stop the government from “protecting” the American public from vitamins and supplements.  The pharmaceutical industry is working hard to push the US to adopt Codex Alimentarius guidelines governing vitamins and supplements which have already been implemented in Germany, Norway and Canada: vitamins and supplements, which are now classified as food, will be newly classified as drugs.  In doing so, they will then only be dispensed at limited amount under prescriptions, “to stop consumers overdosing on vitamin and mineral food supplements.”

The Codex Alimentarius program was officially created in 1963 by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization for the purpose of setting guidelines for international food trade.  Funded by pharmaceutical corporations and donors like the Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations through the UN, it is a committee consisting of unelected officials masquerading as the watchdogs of food & nutrition. The guidelines set by Codex are dutifully followed by participating countries because of interlocking international treaties set by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Countries face economic sanctions and loss of trade privileges for their refusal to adopt Codex guidelines.

Small family farms and independent producers of food are the target of Codex regulations.  They are pitted in a David-and-Goliath-like match with the multi-billion dollar mass production cartel who infiltrate, lobby and bribe federal agencies.  This incremental shut down of small farms will eventually result in the unavailability of organic, locally grown food that is free of GMO’s and toxic pesticides and herbicides.

Marti Oakley, a blogger with, says “CODEX, although its PR pages make it sound wonderful for the planet, is instead a system to end the human right to foods of our choice, produced by us, and purchased, exchanged, bartered, and consumed by us free from corporate interference and from unnecessary government regulation and control.”

Canada, Germany and Norway have already implemented Codex’s guidelines marking vitamins and supplements as drugs, resulting in vitamins and supplements being sold at ridiculously high prices for virtually ineffective low doses. Allowable dosages are calculated by assessing what an ideal diet would naturally provide, and subtracting that amount of vitamin from the dose to avoid nutrient overdose. To further convince you that you’re just a hippie trying to shun conventional medicine, the Codex Article 6 instructs that labels shall “not attribute to food supplements the property of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, or refer to such properties”.  Vitamins play the starring role in curing and preventing many diseases, such as rickets, anemia, and osteoporosis, but this information is conveniently overlooked by the committee chaired by Randy Dennin of Pfizer that decides the vitamin “safety limits”.  (Drug companies deciding safety limits for natural nutrients is surely a conflict of interest that directly impacts the profits of said pharmaceutical companies.)

According to the “Manifesto on the Future of Food”, the Codex Alimentarius has “codified policies designed to serve the interest of global agribusiness above all others, while actively undermining the rights of farmers and consumers”. – Manifesto on the Future of Food, produced by The International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, Italy, 2003

Codex guidelines successfully fly under the radar of the general public by being trickled down gradually over a number of years.  The slow change is an attempt to gradually shift the public to reject natural vitamins & nutrients and embrace pharmaceuticals. Most Americans have never heard of Codex, and an internet search will first direct you to the FDA website which assures you that Codex has only the best intentions. Just last year, America’s favorite POW, Senator John McCain, introduced the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, which would have brought the US in line with Codex’s guidelines for vitamins and supplements.  It was only due to the opposition of Americans who were onto this scheme that Sen. McCain withdrew his support of this bill within a month of its introduction.  Surely, to be ignorant of the dangers posed by Codex Alimentarius is to turn a blind eye to tyranny.  Education and awareness of this important issue are our only defense.

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