NYPD Admits Monitoring Social Networks For Protests

Danny Panzella

The Daily News reported today “The NYPD has formed a new unit to track troublemakers who announce plans or brag about their crimes on TwitterMySpace and Facebook.”

Truth Squad had already reported that the NYPD under Federal directives has been monitoring facebook on July 22nd, when Truth Squad editor Danny Panzella was confronted by no less than 40 NYPD officers after posting on facebook that he would be staging a “flash mob” protest of the NY Federal Reserve Bank.

The NYPD apparantly classifies this as “mayhem” rather than the founders definition of right to free speech, and freedom of assembly.

The term flash mob first came about when activists and artists would use social networking to organize last minute protests, street art such and impromptu dance routines. As parodied in this commercial.

Recently however flash mobs have taken on a more nefarious meaning when gangs of thugs would flood into retail stores in mass shoplifting mobs.

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  1. kdann says:

    Way to go Danny & Xander! I have no idea how I just ended up at the TruthSquadTV site, but watched the recent Fed Flash Mob video and you made my day. Aha! that is how I found it; I was one of a half dozen who showed up for the Flag Day Fed action at Zuccotti Park, and was trying to find Web reporting about that day, and instead found your report.

    I love the fact that NYC (I’m a newcomer, having moved here last year after 30 years in Vermont) is full of such playful activists. Along with your sense of fun, I thought that your plaid shorts and bringing Xander along as the brains of the outfit were hands down the best tactics I’ve seen in years. If you could spread your sense of whimsy, you will save a lot of bloodshed, which I have no doubt is on the horizon.

    Please forgive me if I’ve used any words which will get the attention of whomever is monitoring (Hi guys!) our email, but heck, they’ve been listening for years, so what’s to lose?


    Dr. Kevin Dann
    Time Spirit Tours
    85 Hicks Street, #4
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

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